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Custom Wiring Drawings

A complete set of wiring drawings consist of a RISER and a POINT-to-POINT drawing. By entering some basic project information, the system will craft these drawings right before your eyes!

Custom wiring drawings

RISER Drawing

The Riser drawing is an elevation view of the door and the electrical components involved. This drawing helps guide an installer as to what wires need to be run, and to which components.

Riser sample
PtoP Sample

POINT to POINT Drawings

The Point-to-Point (PtoP) drawing shows the detailed wiring connections between all of the components. This drawing may also show DIP switch and jumper settings so the installer can start off on the right track.

Component Compatibility Engine

This system will perform a check on various electrical parameters. Such as:

  • Undersized power supply
  • a hinge that doesn't have enough wires
  • missing Request to Exit components when a card reader is required